The Magic of Date2Earn in Cryptise

Dating and making new friends in the universe is becoming a daunting task. Let’s be honest, the dating pool has become quite murky, and as we begin to explore life in digital worlds, there is really no reason for us to still be experiencing these issues, at least, not in Cryptise city, where we’re all set to champion the concept of Date2Earn.

So, what exactly is Date2Earn?

This is where crypto meets human needs, and you earn cryptocurrencies for building connections with other people. We hope that this provides the necessary incentive to encourage Cryptisers to network with each other, build connections, and perhaps even become soulmates. 😉

How does Date2Earn work?

In Cryptise City’s D2E model, you earn new tokens for building deep and meaningful connections. Alongside the metaverse gaming feature, Cryptise will also have text and video chat functionalities to facilitate seamless communication between you, your friends and of course, your date.

If you’re shy or hesitant about making the first move, our algorithm can be your wingman by helping you pick out a potentially suitable match. As you go further with getting to know each other and participating in activities together, you keep earning tokens that you can sell or swap on the Exchange or use to upgrade your account.

We’re particular about privacy and security, so your chats are safe and secured through an encryption algorithm.

How to Date2Earn in Cryptise City

  1. Users who want to earn tokens through dating will need to purchase a special NFT. This NFT will be their exclusive pass to Date2Earn in Cryptise and will have several other benefits as well. However, that doesn't mean users without the NFT pass will not be able to chat with each other through video and text.
  2. When users are matched by the algorithm, they can start chatting to get to know each other better. When they hit certain milestones, for example, chatting for a certain period of time, they will be prompted by the algorithm to take on new challenges together as a dating couple. If they both agree then they officially enter DateTo Earn.
  3. Cryptise will help the ‘couple’ through the process by asking them to participate in several challenges and activities together to test their compatibility. Throughout this process, couples will get to know if they are compatible, build strong connections with each other and earn as well. The couple will receive tokens every time they complete a challenge successfully. They can withdraw their tokens directly into their wallets, exchange them for other tokens on the Exchange or upgrade their account. 
  4. Cryptise highly encourages meaningful and quality interactions with the sole purpose of building real connections. If the system spots a fake and disrespectful communication, the users will be permanently banned from Date2Earn. The longer the communication and dating period, the higher the token rewards.
  5. Once a year, the Date2earn algorithm will pick and reward the strongest couple by performance for an all-expense paid vacation.

Cryptise City is a world of new limitless opportunities and the magic of Date2Earn is one of them. Join our Beta Program!